Virtual Inspections Now Available

Virtual Inspections Now Available
Posted on 01/27/2023
MANATEE COUNTY, FL (January 27, 2023) – Manatee County is helping to streamline and modernize the building inspection process.

The County’s Development Services Department is now offering a virtual building inspections tool to provide inspection services to contractors remotely. Inspectors can thoroughly perform virtual inspections from any location using the VuSpex app, saving the contractors both time and money. It also allows contractors to connect with Building Inspectors quickly, while seamlessly integrating with the Accela software. Homeowners are encouraged to request their contractor use the new program to reduce scheduling issues, eliminate waiting for an inspector to arrive and speed up the overall process.

“Development Services continues to leverage technology to maximize efficiencies,” said Business Services Manager Lacy Pritchard. “VuSpex is the technology we needed to offer our customers a more efficient way to conduct inspections. We are looking forward to continuing to expand our Virtual Inspection presence in Manatee County.”

On January 30, 2023, Development Services will expand their LIVE virtual inspection program. The virtual inspection offerings have been updated to include more inspection types across multiple permit types. Contractors must have a cell phone with adequate resolution and signal quality and must be able to download the VuSpex GO App.

How the Process Works

To assist with the deployment of this process, Manatee County Development Services has established a dedicated e-mail portal at [email protected]. Inspection Division staff can also be reached at (941) 742-4190.