Animal Care Specialists

Meet our Animal Care Specialists

Adopt MeOur Animal Care Specialists are Special!
An animal care specialist is a professional who works in the care and management of animals in a variety of settings. Many people love animals, but not everyone has what it takes turn that passion into a profession. Animal Care Specialists work in the Public Safety Department of Manatee County Government and are animal lovers who dedicate their careers to keeping animals healthy, safe and happy. They do their best to put animals in loving homes where they will be part of a forever family.
Animal Care Specialists ARE special!

Adopt a Pet at Our Shelter

Image Adopt a Pet at Our Shelter
To visit our shelter
come to 305 25th Street West in Palmetto
or call us at 742-5933

Visit our shelter . . . Leave with a furry friend!

Lost Pet? What do I do now?

Image Lost Pet? What do I do now?
Dawgs Animal Care Specialists also help with lost dogs and cats who come to our shelter.

If you have lost your dog or cat, we encourage you to visit our shelter to see if we may have your pet.

Pet owners are asked to visit the shelter to complete a lost report and identify their lost pet. Stray animals are held for a limited time before they are placed in the adoption program. Sometimes the animals are sent to animal welfare organizations if the owner does not come to claim them.

Find a current and clear color picture of the lost pet and have colored copies made to attach to the lost report (including the adult owner in the photo with the animal may provide proof of ownership, but for safety purposes do not include children in the pictures).

  • Bring the most current rabies vaccination certificate and any medical records
  • Be prepared to pay impound fees and any medical fees.
  • Place bright colored flyers in the neighborhood with a clear and current picture of the lost animal (limit the text)
  • Pet Owners may wish to place a lost pet ad in local newspapers
  • Advise your veterinarian and neighbors about your lost pet
  • When advertising a reward, it may be better not to mention the amount