Children’s Services Gap Survey

Children’s Services Gap Survey
Posted on 04/08/2024
Children in a circleMANATEE COUNTY, FL (April 8, 2024) – Manatee County Government wants to hear from you.  Now through June 14, residents are encouraged to let leadership know what they think of current County children’s programming and assistance by taking the Children’s Services Gap Survey.

County residents are welcome to voice their opinion(s) in the survey, tailored to their individual relationships with youngsters in the community, by sharing their unique perspectives on what is working well and what gaps they may be experiencing or seeing in services for children and families in Manatee County.

“Our kids are our future,” said Manatee County At-Large Commissioner George Kruse. “This survey gives all of us the opportunity to shape the support we can provide here in Manatee County.”

By collecting and quantifying the data received, Manatee County Children's Services team members will gain valuable insight and understanding of current or potential shortfalls within our community’s family services network. The findings will be shared with the public as responses are gathered. They will also be provided to the Children’s Services Advisory Board to guide and assist them in future funding recommendations. The results also will be considered by the various community groups and advocacy agencies that oversee youth initiatives.