G.T. Bray Tennis Courts

The New State-Of-The-Art  C.V. Walton Racquet Center Tennis Courts at the G.T. Bray Recreation Center are now open.

Reservations can be made six days in advance. To reserve a court, call (941) 742-5973. The reservation line opens at 7:30 am. 

We look forward to seeing you on the courts.

  • Eight Clay Courts 

Daily Court Fee and Tennis Memberships

Clay Court Daily Fees

  • Adult - $10.00 (includes tax)

Tennis Memberships 

Includes clay courts, pickleball courts, pool, gymnasium, fitness center, wellness orientation, exercise classes, teen/game room, and two guest passes.  

Membership Types 1 Month 3 Months 6 Months Bank Draft
1 Year

Single   $  90.00 $220.00 $375.00 $45.83 $550.00
Couple* 140.00 350.00 650.00 75.00 900.00
Silver Sneakers/Renew Active  60.00 N/A  175.00 N/A  250.00

* Must have the same residence.    

For more information about Memberships, call the G.T. Bray Recreation Center at (941) 742-5923.

Pro Shop Services

Ball Machines


Do you need a very forgiving and patient practice partner to help you hone your new strokes?  Then our ball machine is just the thing you need. 

These battery powered, ball machines are the ideal training devices because they are able to deliver a variety of shots with consistency.  There heavy top and backspin will give you “that” competitive edge to reach new heights in your game.  They both have a large ball capacity and can eject balls between 20 to 80 MPH with feeds every 2-12 seconds.  They also include a random, left to right oscillation, striking six different spots on the court. These features allows you to practice alternating forehand and backhand shots. 

Ball machines are available for your use at $20 per hour.

Racquet Stringing Service

The string tension in tennis racquets is just as important as the air pressure in car tires for good performance.  And, as with a car tire, it can be hard to notice when that string tension and resiliency have been lost over time. Generally, racquet strings should be replaced every four months (or three times per year).

The Pro Shop has a first-rate reputation for stringing tennis racquets, often with next-day service available, and it offers a variety of racquet strings and grips, kept in stock, and in many cases you can have a racquet grip changed while you wait. 

Stop by and let us help you evaluate the condition of your racquet.
Stringing Services                    $20 + additional set of strings
Stringing with Own Strings    $20  
Re-Gripping                               $10