Mobility Planning

Manatee County mobility planning is a concept applied by the County, local and regional authorities for strategic mobility planning. It encourages a shift towards more sustainable and equitable transport options and supports the integration and balanced development of all modes of transportation.

MOBILITY WEEK 2021 (October 29 - November 5)

Manatee Mobility Week is a cooperative effort by Manatee County, MCAT, FDOT and partners to promote awareness of safe multimodal transportation choices. During this week, Manatee County hosts events to collectively share information with the public about transportation choices and safety along with community-building.


Pedestrian and Bicyclist safety information – Manatee County and FDOT make every effort to ensure the safety, mobility, and accessibility of all road users regardless of mode of transportation, age, ability, or socioeconomic status.

Check out this Pedestrian Safety Video and Bicycle and Motorist Safety Guide.

Bikes on Buses – MCAT’s Bikes on Buses program allows passengers to secure their bicycles onto a rack attached on the front of all MCAT buses.  Up to two bikes can be carried on the rack at one time. Manatee County Area Transit (MCAT) for more information on bus services, how to ride, and bicycle loading & unloading. 

Love to Ride Florida Challenge - This year, we’re inviting you to take part in the Love to Ride Florida challenge, which will kick-off on October 29, the first day of Manatee Mobility Week, and run through the month of November. Participants can earn points by riding and encouraging others to ride, too. Ride anywhere, anytime, to earn points and enter the drawings for prizes and more. You can participate as part of a team or as an individual.



Saturday, October 30

Bradenton to Holmes Beach Bike Ride - 10 a.m.

Join Manatee County & City of Holmes Beach for the Bradenton to Beach Bike ride! Two routes will begin from Robinson Preserve, and cross over the Manatee Ave Bridge to an event at the Holmes Beach Skate Park.

The event at the skate park will include a short break with water, snacks and a brief discussion about the roadway conditions for cyclists accessing the island from the mainland. City of Holmes Beach will be hosting the event and providing a place to rest, gather, and prepare to return to the Preserve. Police and EMT services will be provided for the duration of the ride and gathering.

The routes are escorted by law enforcement and paced for cyclists of all ages and abilities. The route will take riders at a calm pace to Holmes beach with Holmes Beach PD and back to the Robinson Preserve. For more confident cyclists, a second route will start shortly after through the Palma Sola area, guided by the local cycling clubs. Each route is a slow-paced loop approximately 6 miles in length.

Participants will gather at 10 a.m. at Robinson Preserve (10299 9th Ave NW, Bradenton, FL 34209 - see map for meeting location)


Sunday, October 31

Health Walk - 2 - 3 p.m.

Come meet to take a socially distanced walk while discussing the health benefits of walking and mobility as a choice. Manatee County will provide water, goodies, and gift bags to the first attendees. The walk is family friendly and with nice views. Be sure to wear appropriate attire and observe safety protocol. 

Parking at Manatee Central (Downtown) Library (1301 Barcarrota Ave, Bradenton, FL 34205)

Halloween Safety

On Halloween as with every bicycle ride, ensure you’re wearing reflective and light colored clothing/costume. Double check that front and back lights are functioning properly and your helmet is fitted snug. If you're going to pedal in costume, choose something less likely to get caught in your wheels. If a crash does occur, call 911 to at minimum ensure it is reported, and in the worst case any safety and health emergency can be attended.

If you have any fun and interesting costumes related to cycling, the bus, or mobility in general, send them to [email protected] for inclusion in our future events and FDOT Mobility Week site.


Friday, November 5

Car Free Day

Try to get to work and services by walking, cycling, transit or carpool and share with us your wacky stories and family-friendly pictures from the day for a chance to win several prizes. If everyone avoided single occupancy vehicles for one weekday each week, the roadways would have 1/5 less cars throughout the week.

Give it a try on this Friday and always remember to be safe and that for every person walking, cycling, riding the bus, or carpooling, that is one less car in traffic.

Send your stories and pictures for Car Free day to [email protected] for inclusion in our future events and FDOT Mobility Week site.


The Manatee County Mobility Plan will be a multi-modal plan for the future of our transportation network. The plan aims to answer the important question of how we will be moving and getting around in the next 10-20 years.

Mobility Plan Vision Statement

"Manatee County will strive to have access to mobility options that support an exceptional quality of life, a superior built and natural environment, and a robust and equitable economy for everyone."

About The Plan

The plan will present the policies needed to guide transportation planning under an holistic approach and the actions necessary to achieve a shared vision Countywide. Preview the Draft Public Involvement Plan (PIP) which seeks to ensure continuous input and feedback with the public throughout the development of the Mobility Plan.