Roads & Traffic

Commonly requested information regarding roadways such as closures, roadway repairs, paving questions, etc.

Report a road or traffic issue online

Report an issue and track its progress through Manatee 311

This includes sidewalk problems, bridge maintenance, drainage problems, traffic signal issues, pothole repairs, tree removal, mowing requests and more.

Road Closures

Check the status of road closures in Manatee County.

Live Stream of Traffic Conditions

The Regional Traffic Management Center (RTMC) Traveler Information website and Twitter handle @941_Traffic give local drivers a more accurate picture of local traffic conditions than ever before.

The site offers live views of more than 470 intersections across two counties from 220 cameras across the region. The Twitter account posts live updates on some of the most significant traffic updates around the region. Both can be accessed from mobile phones and tablets but should not be used while driving.