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The Engineering Services business center is responsible for designing, modeling, engineering, and managing projects related to improvements to County infrastructure. Among other duties, the engineering staff is responsible for overseeing the County’s Capital Improvement Program and Infrastructure Projects from design all the way through to managing construction.

The Infrastructure Inspections Division is the arm of Public Works that inspects commercial and development projects, including vehicle access for all commercial projects. Infrastructure Inspections also inspects the horizontal construction aspects of all County projects.

Download the Infrastructure Inspections Request Form  (PDF format)

*Note: If you are requesting an inspection for a "Lift Station Startup" we require you to fill out the  Lift Station Information Form. (".xlsx" file format)

Infrastructure Engineering oversees engineering, Computer-Aided Design (CAD) operations, design, plans review and permitting. The division also supports field maintenance traffic engineering and stormwater.

Growth Management Engineering

Growth Management Engineering (GME) reviews all preliminary site plans, final site plans, administrative and special permits and final construction drawing approval. GME oversees determination of review, inspection, testing and tap fees and the verification of payment.

The division also reviews as-built drawings and final plats to ensure compliance with County regulations and construction standards. It reviews and approves private and public construction cost estimates for issuance of performance and defect bonds. GME also provides engineering approval for Building Department Temporary Use Permits (TUP) and attends pre-application engineering reviews of future development for applicants.

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Highway Engineering

Highway Engineering designs capital and maintenance projects for roadways, drainage and bridge rehabilitation and replacement. The division works closely with other state and federal agencies, i.e., Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT). On average, this section designs approximately 15,000 linear feet of roadway per year.

Stormwater Engineering

This division monitors and improves Manatee County's stormwater system, while ensuring FEMA floodplain compliance. Stormwater Engineering is involved with capital improvement projects, including state and federal grant writing. This section is responsible for inspecting and reporting of county-maintained stormwater facilities for the National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) permit compliance for the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and re-certification of stormwater section of the Community Rating System (CRS) program through the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA).

Stormwater Engineering also reviews No-Rise Certificates and floodplain compensation calculations. Additionally, Stormwater Engineering conducts floodplain studies with Southwest Florida Watershed Management District (SWFWMD), and oversees the floodplain map revisions prepared for and adopted by the Board of County Commissioners.

Stormwater Engineering maintains a near real time Campbell Scientific stream elevation and rain sensor system and a near real time network of Ambient Weather Stations.  There are 38 Campbell Scientific locations throughout Manatee County where data is collected in 15-minute intervals, and eight (8) Ambient locations collecting data in five-minute intervals.

Campbell Scientific Stations:

PowerBI Graphs:

Ambient Weather Stations:

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Utility Engineering

This section oversees Engineering Design Services and Development Review.

Design Services designs capital infrastructure and maintenance projects for potable water, wastewater and reclaimed water. It also oversees Manatee County's water and wastewater infrastructure. Utility Engineering works closely with the Manatee County Health Department and the Florida Department of Environmental Protection (FDEP) to ensure compliance with all regulations and design standards for our utility infrastructure.  On average, this section has 30 projects under design at any time.

Design Services is Manatee County Government's primary point of contact for FDOT and other utilities to find and resolve conflicts between existing and proposed utility infrastructure.  We also work hand-in-hand with County utility field crews to help size pumps, to resolve flow problems and to review proposed new methods or materials.

Development Review provides a number of professional engineering support services for Manatee County development projects including:

  • Reviewing construction plans and associated documents of potable water, wastewater and reclaimed water utilities for residential, commercial and industrial development projects. These plans are reviewed for compliance within local codes and standards and within state regulations to ensure that the utilities infrastructure in Manatee County is constructed to standards that will serve our citizens for many years to come.
  • Ensuring that utility services for applications for Building Department Permits are adequately sized, and subsequently issue associated water meter releases.
  • Responding to citizen requests related to water, wastewater and reclaimed water connections and utility line extensions.

Manatee County Meter Sizing Form.

Public Works Standards

Manatee County Public Works offers Engineering Standards online for transportation, stormwater, utilities, and traffic related infrastructure projects. These standards are intended for engineers and contractors to design and construct infrastructure within Manatee County. Also included are the processes for revisions to standards procedure manuals.