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The Manatee Millennials are advocates and working on many projects. We are working to effect change to make Manatee County a better place to Live, Work, & Play.

Steering Committee

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A visioning project that asks residents, communities, and organizations to participate on shaping what Manatee County will look like in 2038. In regards to infrastructure, quality of life, economics, and housing.

Manatee FYI

Manatee FYI

Our effort to educate our community partners on important policies and procedures being established within the county that affect their audience.

Alternative Housing Strategies


The Alternative Housing Strategies Committee is interested in diversifying the local housing stock by facilitating a wider range of alternative housing opportunities, from shipping container houses to tiny homes on foundation to bungalow courts and everything in between. This group works with Manatee County Government departments, local developers, and community organizations to assess and maximize the feasibility and potential impact of non-traditional housing options in Manatee County. 



The Mentoring Committee’s goal is to determine the viability of a mentorship program between senior Manatee County Government Officials and young aspiring Manatee County Government employees. The committee aims to eventually develop and implement a mentoring program. 

All Of Us

All of us

Looking for a platform to get your voice heard? Seeking to be a part of the growing change in Manatee County? ALL of US has got you covered!

All of us is an initiative to recruit and retain millennials from all walks of life (working parents, veterans, minorities, LGBTQ). Believing in the motto “team work makes the dream work” we believe it is going to take ALL of US to implement positive change.

Manatee Think Tank

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The Think Tank is a place for county employees to review past projects and research from years/employees past. 

Career Connections


Career Connections Day allows for 20 driven USF student to learn about Manatee County government.  They hear from speakers from various parts of local government and tour our facilities, ending the day with an interactive networking session with top county officials.

Speak Up Manatee

Speak Up

Encouraging more people to become more involved in local decision-making through an online forum as well as county staff going to popular locations to collect feedback.

Speak Up today!

Results-First Internship Program


Manatee County is hiring a group of motivated college students to complete 10-week projects this summer.  M3 has the important job of providing mentorship to these interns helping them navigate the county system and have a very successful project.

Archived Projects

Bike Repair Kiosks
Back to the Future