County Attorney

The County Attorney’s Office (CAO) provides legal advice and representation to the Board of County Commissioners (the Board), the County Administrator and the various operating departments of County Government.

The CAO (through its Risk Management division) also oversees the administration of the County’s self-insurance program, to include workers’ compensation, general and auto liability, and safety training.

Mission Statement

The CAO is responsible for providing legal counsel and representation to all Manatee County government agencies including the Board of County Commissioners, the County Administrator, and all other departments, divisions, regulatory boards, and advisory boards of county government in all legal matters relating to their official responsibilities.

The practice of the CAO covers a wide range of subjects, including, among others, general local government law, eminent domain, labor and employment law, land use and environmental law, litigation, and transactional law.  The CAO does not make recommendations or take positions on policy or business decisions of the County.

Legal Assistance for Citizens

Pursuant to Article II½ of the Manatee County Code of Ordinances, the CAO initiates legal work and legal research only at the direction of the Board of County Commissioners, or at the request of the County Administrator or his staff. 

The CAO cannot represent or provide legal advice to the public in legal matters. If you need legal representation or assistance, please contact a private attorney. If you do not have an attorney, resources available to assist you include: