Planning Applications, Forms and Fees


Manatee County developed the Development Review Manual with the goal of providing a streamlined process for the public to submit planning applications. Part I of the Manual was published in January 2019 after Board review and outlines the development review process. Part II was completed in October 2020, and provides detailed instructions of the requirements of each type of planning application. You can use the link below and click on the Planning tab to view a broken down guide to assist you in collecting all required documents prior to submitting your application in Online Services.

Application Forms and Instructions

When submitting responses to staff comments at any point within a planning record, the applicant/agent is required to upload a Version Resubmittal Form in Online Services. To upload new documents, sign into your Online Services account, and click on My Records in the menu bar to view all of your applications. Select the record you are need to update, click on the Record Info dropdown, and open Attachments. Click the Add button in order to upload new documents from your computer. 

Fee Schedules

Fire Department Fees

As of January 03, 2017 all site plan submittals must be accompanied with the Fire Department review fees.