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The Inspection department provides professional inspections for all trades and disciplines that are required under a permit in the County, including structural, gas, plumbing, mechanical, electrical, as well as compliance with local codes for manufactured housing and mobile homes. 

Items Needed on Job Site: 

  • Plans - Signed and Stamped in RED 
  • Permit Card
  • Notice of Commencement  (if applicable)

Manage Your Inspections From your Phone

Use our phone system to check your permit plans review, pay fees, schedule, cancel and get inspection results. See instructions and inspection codes list below.

Schedule An Inspection

To schedule or cancel an inspection you may either do so through Online Services or by calling or texted our automated IVR system. 

Please note: You can cancel an inspection any time before 2:00 p.m. of the day before the inspection. After 2 p.m., you must call the assigned inspector directly.

Inspections via Automated Phone System

Selectron is an automated phone system that allows citizens to call the Manatee County Building Department and schedule, reschedule, cancel, and obtain the results of an inspection. You can also listen to a playback of where your permit is at in the application process.

Call (941) 749-3047. You will be prompted through the entire process.

  • Press (1) for English or Press (2) for Spanish. You may also press (7) to use Speech Recognition.
  • Press (1) to schedule an inspection.
  • Press (2) to cancel an inspection.
  • Press (3) to obtain inspection results or hear the assigned inspector.
  • Press (5) to listen to your permit's plan review information
  • Press (6) to request a copy of Certificate of Occupancy (C/O) or Certificate of Completion (C/C).

After you have scheduled the Inspection, you will be able to request an automated call back with inspection results after the inspection has been completed.

Please have your record number, including the prefix, available, as you will be prompted for this (example: BLD1803-1234, PLN1901-5678). It may also be helpful to know the inspection code that you are calling about. If you do not know your inspection code, please refer to your permit card. You will also be asked if you want to hear the entire list of inspections.

Inspections via Text Messaging

Building and Development Services also offers the option to manage your inspections via toll free text messaging.

To get started, please send any text message to (234) 980-3025. You will then be prompted to enter either Schedule, Cancel, Reschedule, and Results. As with the automated phone system, please have your record number and inspection code available, as you will be prompted to provide them.

Inspector Contact Information

Thomas Ryan
Construction Review / Inspections Manager
Cell: (941) 527-2307
Email: [email protected]

Building Inspections

NOTE: Pursuant to county policy Inspectors county issued cell phones are not allowed to receive text messages.
To communicate with the Inspectors, please call them directly using the cell phone numbers listed below.

Inspectors E-mail Cell Phone Initials
Albert "Al" Bateman [email protected] (941) 705-3239 ARB
Antonio "Tony" Griessler [email protected] (941) 527-2312 ATG
Arnulfo Pena [email protected] (941) 527-2301 AP
Brock Ayers [email protected] (941) 527-2203 BEA
Brock Rice [email protected] (941) 527-2380 BAR
Bruce Mayo (Electrical Senior) [email protected] (941) 527-2402 BCM
Chris Winn  [email protected] (941) 705-3240  CW
Fernando Aguilera [email protected] (941) 465-0821 FA
Harry Stetser [email protected] (941) 527-2283 HJS
Jalil Jennings [email protected] (941) 896-2070 JDJ
James "Jim" Duckworth [email protected] (941) 713-5153 JDD
Jeff Johnson (Building Senior) [email protected] (941) 527-2324 JSJ
John Doss j[email protected] (941) 527-2285 JD
John Wright [email protected] (941) 465-1185 JW
Justin Langer [email protected] (941) 896-2297  JL
Kathy Clay [email protected] (941) 465-1609 KC
Keith Cycotte [email protected] (941) 920-7329 KAC
Kristopher "Kris" Darty [email protected] (941) 896-2068 KRD
Michael Glassburn [email protected] (941) 920-7313 MEG
Michael Miliano (Building Senior) [email protected] (941) 527-2368 MFM
Shawn Baxter (Mechanical Senior) [email protected] (941) 920-7174 SWB
Sonny Woods, Jr. [email protected] (941) 713-8613 SW
William "Butch" C. Powell (Plumbing Senior) [email protected] (941) 527-2347 WCP
Admin Staff E-mail Office Number Ext.
Loretta Merrill (Admin Supervisor) [email protected] (941) 742-4190  
Ardath Melton [email protected] (941) 742-4190  
Cynthia Hale [email protected] (941)- 742-4190  
Susan Hunt [email protected] (941) 742-4190  
Taylor Murray [email protected] (941) 742-4190  
Ruth Harold [email protected] (941) 742-4190  

Code Compliance Inspections

Inspectors E-mail Cell Phone Initials
Kris Weiskopf (Driveway Supervisor) [email protected] (941) 896-2024 KW
Amy Cook [email protected] (941) 713-5144 AC
Brandon Young [email protected] (941) 737-2576 BY
Donna Finch [email protected] (941) 896-2038 DF
Randy West [email protected] (941)718-2114 RW

Are You Ready For a Certificate of Occupancy or Completion?

  1. Make sure that all of your Final inspections have been passed - i.e. Building Final, Electrical Final, Mechanical Final and/or Plumbing Final.

  2. All of the CO Holds have been released

  3. All of the Fees have been paid

To check the items listed above visit our Online Services portal.