Kids 4 Water Conservation

We all use water for drinking, bathing, swimming, washing and watering our lawns, but water is a limited resource. That is why it is important that we all do our part in conserving water. Kids can make a huge impact simply by starting at home and changing the way their families, friends and classmates use water. If everyone saves a little, we can save a lot.

Water Conservation Poster Contest

Every year Manatee County Utilities invites Manatee County students to participate in the Annual “Drop Savers" Poster Contest. Students in grades K-12 are encouraged to create a poster depicting a water conservation idea: in slogan form, drawing form, or both. The contest teaches students about the importance of water conservation. We feel that our best opportunity to conserve water is through long-range education and awareness programs, and what better way than to begin with our young people?

Click on the link below to view the winning entries! It was so close and there were so many great submissions, we are including Honorable Mentions, as well as the top 3 winners. 

The first place winners go on to the State's Drop Savers Poster Contest - good luck Manatee County!


Division 1 (Kindergarten and First Grade)
1st Place - Alice from Myakka City Elementary
2nd Place - Marshyll from Myakka City Elementary
3rd Place - Emma from Williams Elementary
Honorable Mention - Dominick from Samoset Elementary
Division 2 (Second and Third Grade)
1st Place - Bruno from Bayshore Elementary (Won 3rd place at State 2022!)
2nd Place - Kennedy from Williams Elementary
3rd Place - Sadie at Palma Sola Elementary
Honorable Mention - Nora from Palma Sola Elementary
Division 3 (Fourth and Fifth Grade)
1st Place - Sophie from McNeal Elementary
2nd Place - Summer from Palma Sola Elementary
3rd Place - Magaby from Samoset Elementary
Honorable Mention - Scarlet from Palma Sola Elementary
Division 4 (Middle School: Six, Seven, and Eight Grade)
1st Place - Isabella from Rowlett Middle Academy
2nd Place - Elizabeth from Rowlett Middle Academy
3rd Place - Mira from Rowlett Middle Academy
Honorable Mention - Alyssa from Haile Middle

Division 5 (High School: Nine, Ten, Eleven, and Twelve Grade)
1st Place - Eleni from Parrish Community High (Won 1st place at State 2022!)
2nd Place - Jah'nae from Horizons Academy
3rd Place - Malyssa from Parrish Community High
Honorable Mention - Chloe from Parrish Community High

Fun Water Facts

  • The existence of water is essential for life on Earth
  • Water has three different states, liquid, solid and gas
  • Water covers around 75% of the Earth's surface
  • Nearly 97% of water is salty or undrinkable
  • Another 2% is in the ice caps or glaciers
  • The average person in the United States uses 80 to 100 gallons of water each day
  • Manatee County residents use an average of 76 gallons per day
  • It takes 2 gallons to brush your teeth, 2 to 7 gallons to flush a toilet, and 25 to 50 gallons to take a shower
  • Every glass of water brought to your table in a restaurant requires another two glasses of water to wash and rinse the glass
  • Although a person can live without food for more than a month, a person can only live without water for approximately one week
  • There is no such a thing as “new water”. The rain which falls today is the same rain that fell on prehistoric man and the dinosaurs.

Kids' Activities

Teacher Resources

  • School Programs

    Call now to schedule a classroom visit by the Manatee County Water Conservation Program. Our Water Conservation presenters will work with your classroom to provide the program that best fits your current curriculum. Presentations include educational videos, hands-on activities, and take home materials suitable for all grade levels. Grade appropriate activity books, study guides and educational items are available for the students to use in the classroom and to take home and share water conservation lessons with their families. Our EnviroScape model helps students understand the watershed and prevention of water pollution through visual, hands-on interaction. Contact Water Conservation Program at 792-8811 Extension 5327 or email us at [email protected].

  • Online Resources
    Online educational tools for students and teachers available on the SWFWMD website. Take advantage of the educational resources that include the hands-on activitieskids' page, water education videos, and project WET teacher workshops information.
    You can also download or order free publications today!


  • Splash! School Grants
    The Splash! school grant program is funded by SWFWMD and provides up to $3,000 per school to enhance student knowledge of freshwater resources issue. Public and charter school teachers of grades K - 12 are eligible to apply.