Library Policies

For information on the library's safety precautions during COVID, please see the Library Reopening FAQs page

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  • Pets of any kind are prohibited in library buildings.
  • Service animals are permitted in all library and county buildings in compliance with ADA Accessibility laws. Please see the definition of service animal here:
  • From time to time, exceptions for the presence of animals in library buildings are made for library-related programs.


Please see the Display Policy page


Manatee Libraries' locations are not accepting donations at this time.

Internet and Computers

Library Cards

Library Card Policy page includes online registration, loan periods, fines and fees, and renewal information

Meeting Rooms

The Meeting Rooms page includes policies, procedures, available rooms, meeting room application, and contact information

Museum Passes

Manatee Libraries currently offers museum passes to the The Bishop Museum of Science and Nature, compliments of the museum, one pass is good for up to four visitors in one visit. We also offer passes to Big Cat Habitat, compliments of the habitat, one pass is good for up to two visitors in one visit.  Passes may be checked out by a resident Manatee County library card holder (non-resident and reciprocal borrower card holders are not eligible for museum passes). Passes may be placed on hold, but must be picked up by the requester from the owning location (they are available to check out by the requester beginning on Wednesday and are valid through Tuesday of the following week). They cannot be renewed and are not valid with other offers and discounts.

Residents checking out a museum pass will be issued a paper receipt which indicates the due date, or expiration date, of the pass. Museum passes will always expire on Tuesday and are not renewable. The paper receipt is good for only one visit, will be taken by the museum staff upon admission, and does not need to be returned to the library.

Museum opening hours: Tuesday-Saturday 10 am to 5 pm | Sunday Noon to 5 pm |   Closed Mondays

Habitat opening hours: Wednesday-Sunday 12 pm to 4 pm | Closed Mondays & Tuesdays

Rules of Behavior

The Library, as a limited public forum, reserves the right to require library patrons to leave the premises if these rules are not followed. Refusing to leave when asked will result in law enforcement being contacted, the issuance of a trespass citation, and may result in an arrest in accordance with the Florida trespass law (F.S. 810.08). Failure to comply with any of these library policies after a request from Library staff to do so may result in law enforcement being summoned.

Prohibiting the following:

  • Any illegal activity or other behavior that infringes upon another person’s safety or right to enjoy the library.
  • Sleeping, or laying on library furniture in such a way that creates an obstruction.
  • Bulky items. Including, but not limited to bedrolls, blankets, duffle bags, suitcases.
  • Weapons, hazardous materials, or any other object that endangers the safety of others.
  • Tobacco, e-cigarettes, alcohol or controlled substances.
  • Damage or misuse of computers or library property.
  • Unaccompanied children under 12 years of age (a child must be under the constant supervision of a guardian 16 years or older and may not be left alone at any time).

La biblioteca, como un foro público, reserva el derecho a exigir los patrones de la biblioteca a salir del local si falta a seguir estas reglas. Rechazando a salir cuando le pedimos resultará en una llamada a la policía, la emisión de una cita de intrusión, y puede resultar en un arresto en conformidad con la ley de la Florida (F.S. 810.08). Falta de cumplir con cual quier de estas políticas de la biblioteca después de una solicitud del personal de la biblioteca puede resultar en una llamada a la policía.

Lo siguiente es prohibido:

  • Cualquier actividad ilegal o otro comportamiento que infrinja en la seguridad de otra persona o su derecho de disfrutar de la biblioteca
  • Durmiendo o acostándose en los muebles de la biblioteca de una manera que causa una obstrucción.
  • Objetos voluminosos, incluyendo pero no limitado a petates, mantas, bolsas de lona, y maletas.
  • Armas, materiales peligrosos, o cualquier otro material que puedan poner en peligro los otros ocupantes de la biblioteca.
  • Tabaco, cigarros electrónicos, alcohol, o sustancias controladas.
  • Mal uso de computadoras o daño a la propiedad de la biblioteca.
  • Niños menos de 12 años de edad que no están acompañando (un niño tiene que estar bajo del supervisión constante de un guardián 16 años o mayor y no pueden estar solos a cual quier momento )              

Full policy: Behavior Policy

Safe Child Policy

  • Children ages 11 and under must be accompanied by someone 16 years of age or older in all library facilities.
  • When a child 11 or under is found unattended, a staff member will attempt to locate the child's parent/caregiver in the library or contact the parent/caregiver by phone and inform him/her of the rules. If a parent cannot be located, law enforcement will be called.
  • Children ages 12 or older may be in the library unsupervised, during hours that school is not in session.

    Full policy in English: Unattended Children
    Full policy in Spanish: Niños Desatendidos

Study Rooms

  • Rooms are assigned on a first-come, first-serve basis and can only be scheduled in person on the day of intended use.
  • Rooms may be reserved for 2 hours per day. If others are not waiting for the use of a study room, the occupying patron may continue to use the room.
  • Librarian on duty is responsible for coordination of scheduled use.
  • Ending time requires that the study room user has cleaned up and is out of the room by the beginning of next user’s occupation.
  • Rooms are for study, tutoring, and collaboration and may not be used for solicitation of business or pursuit of commercial endeavors.
  • The library reserves the right to refuse use that violates other library policies (including unattended children and behavior policies) or interferes with other library patrons’ use of the library.
  • Photo ID is required to reserve room.